LA FORÇA DELS COLORS ( The strength of colors)

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EL QUADRE `PER L’EVEE (the Evee’s wallpaper)


LA TARDOR VE ACOMPANYADA DE L’EVELYN (The autumn has come with Evelyn)

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BANYANT-SE EN LA TASSA DE CAFÈ( Bath in a coffee cup)


Aquest és un nou retrat d’ una nena amb rínxols d’or banyant-se en una tassa de cafè. Tot el dibuix ha estat resseguit i omplert fent diferent formes amb paper, així com certes parts pintades.

this is a new picture where you can see a girl who looks like a goldilocks for her hair and she is taking a bath in a coffee cup. Some parts of the picture has been lined and filled by paper making  diferents shapes and others have been painted.

The goldilocks is bathing


40 ANYS,BATEGANT ( 40 years, beating)

English translation at the bottom.

Aquest és un regal per una noia que celebra 40 anys. Aquest és així un cor fet de 40 roses de paper, on cada rosa medeix entre 3 o 4 cm , i el cor 25 cm d’amplada, 20cm alçada  i 5 cm de profunditat.

El paper que obreix el cor i on reposen les roses, ha estat colorejat per mi i per tant aquest paper és unic i irrepetible.

Al darrera li he adjuntat una cita : “40 primaveres, bategant”

In this case, this is a special gift for a girl who celebrate her 40th birthday… then , for you, these 40 paper roses… This is roses are made by paper and their size is about 3-4 cm ( wide). The size of the heart is 25cm , 20 cm and 5 cm depth.

The paper that covers the heart, under the roses, it has been handmade coloured, then it means that it is unique.

At the back side, there is a quote that says: “40 springs, beating”.

Algunes fotos, some photos:

cor material i colors red

rosa rcor general r

roses kawasaki r